Collection: Shaving Cream

Shaving creams are a crucial component of any wet shaver's arsenal so we have curated an extensive array of shaving creams from across the globe. Available in a variety of sizes, scents, and styles, each offering different performance levels. Shaving cream is usually a softer consistency than shaving soap and can often be applied by hand, unlike shaving soap. However for optimum results and enjoyment we always recommend shaving creams are applied with a shaving brush. Many of the shaving creams that we stock contain ingredients that help prevent the skin from drying out during the shaving process and provide a vital layer of protection between the razor and your skin. They also form a rich, dense lather which softens the beard and protects the skin from irritation and razor burn. Moreover, top-notch shaving creams will have excellent moisturizing qualities, leaving the skin hydrated post-shave.

The shaving creams you'll find here at Blades & Whiskers are sourced from suppliers worldwide. From well-established British brands like: Taylor of Old Bond Street, Castle Forbes and Simpson to the iconic Italian favourites from: Proraso and Cella we have shaving creams to suit everyone.