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Merkur 46C Travel DE Safety Razor

Merkur 46C Travel DE Safety Razor

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Experience the perfect shave on-the-go with the Merkur 46C Travel DE Safety Razor. Featuring a lightweight 4-piece design making it easy to disassemble and pack. The high quality, zinc die-cast razor head boasts a polished chrome finish for a smooth, close shave and the sleek matte anodized aluminium handle keeps weight to a minimum. Plus the 46C comes with its own black leather travel case for added convenience and protection, you'll never have to compromise on quality, even while traveling. Built with the same head as the popular Merkur 34C, this razor is a must-have for any shaving enthusiast and comes supplied with 10 Super Platinum double edge razor blades, quite possibly the ultimate razor for jet-setters! Compatible with all double edge razor blades

Razor weight: 46g
Handle length: 78mm
Made in Germany

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