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Merkur Razor Stand

Merkur Razor Stand

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Merkur Razor Stand 4006. A high quality, chrome plated, razor stand that adds both aesthetic appeal and organization to any bathroom. Its circular shape, complete with a hole in the middle, has earned it the nickname of "donut stand". The unique and ingenious two-stage bore in this stand means it is compatible with many different Merkur razor models.

The stand's smaller 11.3mm diameter hole is specifically designed for use with Merkur safety razor models like the 23C, while the larger 14.3mm hole is suitable for models such as the 34C and 37C.

To ensure stability and help protect surfaces, a rubber ring is also included on the underside of the stand. With a total diameter of 40mm and weight of 137g, this stand guarantees a secure hold of your Merkur safety razor.

The two-stage bore hole accommodates handle ends for the following Merkur razors: 15C, 23C, 25C, 24C, 33C, 34C, and 37C.

Made in Germany

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