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Parker 55SL Semi-Slant DE Safety Razor - Graphite

Parker 55SL Semi-Slant DE Safety Razor - Graphite

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Parker 55SL Semi-Slant DE Safety Razor. The Parker "Semi-Slant" double edge safety razor has the advantages of a slant bar razor (more cutting surface on each whisker due to the blade angle) without the aggressiveness and dramatic blade exposure associated with other slant razors. Since the blade angle is torqued, this razor cuts hair at an angle rather than straight on and is great for those with thicker, more coarse hair. This razor delivers an incredibly close yet comfortable shave and comes with a graphite colour knurled handle and stylish electroplated, satin chrome finish. Compatible with all Double Edge Razor Blades.

Razor weight: 92g
Handle length: 100mm
Made in India

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