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Phoenix & Beau

Phoenix & Beau Albion Shaving Soap

Phoenix & Beau Albion Shaving Soap

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Phoenix & Beau Albion tallow shaving soap. A UK made, small batch artisan shaving soap. A truly botanical experience that offers a clean and settling shave that can be enjoyed whatever your mood. Like sipping a cup of Earl Grey tea whilst strolling though a lavender field, Albion begins with the citrus touch of bergamot and the crisp note of grapefruit. A floral and herbaceous middle is introduced with the inclusion of English lavender and patchouli grounds the fragrance with its depth and warmth. To create a luxuriously rich cushioning lather all Phoenix & Beau shaving soaps should be used with a good quality shaving brush and plenty of water.

Supplied in 115g screw top tub
Proudly made in the UK

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