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Phoenix & Beau

Phoenix & Beau Imperial Rum Shaving Soap

Phoenix & Beau Imperial Rum Shaving Soap

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Phoenix & Beau Imperial Rum tallow shaving soap. A UK made, small batch artisan shaving soap that has a gentle and layered profile. Grounding, warming and relaxing, Imperial Rum is an impeccable choice for any season. The scent begins with a citrus nose of lime and sweet orange before moving into the warm and spicy note of West Indian bay. Hints of vanilla merge into the cinnamon, pepper and juniper notes of allspice. The scent settles into the sweetness and depth provided by ylang-ylang and benzoin. Imperial Rum is a balanced and carefully crafted profile that shifts and introduces aspects after its application. To create a luxuriously rich cushioning lather all Phoenix & Beau shaving soaps should be used with a good quality shaving brush and plenty of water.

Supplied in 115g screw top tub
Proudly made in the UK

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