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Simpsons Simfix SF1 Synthetic Shaving Brush

Simpsons Simfix SF1 Synthetic Shaving Brush

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Simpson Simfix SF1 Synthetic Shaving Brush. This superbly crafted and eye catching brush is A collaboration between two of the finest manufactures of shaving brushes, Simpson and Vulfix. The SF1 features a lathe turned, highly polished faux ebony handle and is filled with just about the perfect amount of their uniquely sourced synthetic bristle. The handle carries the Simfix logo on the front and the wording 'Hand Made', 'Synthetic Bristle', 'Great Britain' on the reverse.

Approximate brush specifications:
Overall brush height: 98mm
Handle height: 46mm
Loft: 52mm
Knot diameter: 25mm
Weight: 60g

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